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Make Changes Today, Reap the Rewards for a Lifetime.



I’m Giji Mischel Dennard – Author, Speaker, Consultant & Chef

Welcome to WELL fed Resources, a platform offering information and inspiration to help you be WELL, live WELL, and eat WELL. My mission is to create and share products and services that foster integrated well-being for the unique personal and professional development of each person who engages here.


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At your fingertips, you can find healing, encouragement, and nutrition for your spirit, soul, and body.


Motivational Speaking

Book Giji Mischel Dennard for keynote and other speaking engagements around father-child relationships, client services, customer service excellence, staff and leadership development, and Kingdom living. Check out my speaker page.


What People Are Saying About WELL fed Resources

"Be Fed and Be Free: I, like so many other ladies, grew up without my father. Reading this book answered many questions and led on a journey of forgiveness, love and most of all wholeness. Ms. Dennard shared details of her life and those of others with whom I could relate. When you read this book once, you will read it again." Hungry for Wholeness: A Call to Pursue Healing & Restoration in Your Father-Child Relationship



"Awesome: This book not only helped start the healing that I need as a daughter, but it also gave me insight from a broken and struggling father. I think that fathers, whether they acknowledge it or not, know the great responsibility they have in the development of their child." Hungry for Wholeness: A Call to Pursue Healing & Restoration in Your Father-Child Relationship


"AWESOME BOOK: This author really knows what she’s talking about. Great content and definitely worth the read!" The Service Culture Playbook: Winning Business Strategies to Create High-Performing Teams and Lifetime Customers



Looking for a vibrant guest speaker?

If you have a podcast, radio program, or tv show on myriad aspects of personal and business well-being, check for my availability.

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