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Hungry for Wholeness Book

Are you struggling with resentment due to estrangement from your father? Are you a father in pain from a breach in a relationship with your child?


Through the Hungry for Wholeness book and workshop, I can help you be WELL by recognizing your need for God’s wisdom surrounding your father-child experience, releasing your resentments, and receiving healing through the inheritance of God as your Heavenly Father.


This book invites everyone who has had a fractured, broken, strained, or non-existent relationship with his or her father to embark on a journey to be WELL ... along a path of recognition, repentance, and receiving.


  • Learn practical ways men and women can bring closure to any fathering void they have experienced.

  • Gain understanding surrounding the role of the father-child relationship and how it connects us to the Fatherhood of God.

  • Sons, daughters, and fathers find real help and hope.


Hungry for Wholeness Companion Diary 

Healing is a journey... not an event.

Once you've completed the 2.5-hour Hungry for Wholeness Workshop, I highly recommend that you order the 12-week companion diary to help you maximize your healing experience to achieve true wholeness.


Grace-Sufficient Healing

I can’t think of one person I know who has not experienced some trauma or at least deep disappointment at the hands of an imperfect parent. 


If you’re still carrying that hurt around, I’ve got great news for you! God’s grace is sufficient to bring you healing and freedom if you will allow it.


If He’s done it for the dozens of people who have shared their healing testimonies in this book, He most certainly is offering you the same opportunity. Are you ready to receive it?


Want to book me for a speaking engagement to help you unlock healing from trauma of your parent-child relationships?

Keynotes and small group workshops available 

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