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Kingdom Living

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Your Divine Design

A collection of workshops offering your team or small group an opportunity to maximize their engagement with the world around them so that they can live WELL!


  • Understand the God-given gifts which motivate you and drive your passions as well as your temperament profile.

  • Discover strengths you can optimize and the keys to overcoming your less-desirable traits, including your Clifton’s Strengthsfinder results.

  • Create a gift shield, mission statement, and/or vision statement to ensure that your efforts align with your divine design.

  • Discover your love language and that of your partner, sibling, parent or friend so you can get the most out of your relationship, based on the Love Languages series by Gary Chapman.

  • For businesses, learn best how to empower your team members with encouragement by discovering their preferred language of appreciation.



Operation: WAYMAKER

Build your faith and raise your expectations of overcoming by hearing true story testimonies of 11th-hour deliverances, narrow escapes, and divine networking.



Strange Fruit Devotional

Do you yearn for a life that demonstrates the power and promises of God? Are you determined to be an epistle read and known of all men so that God is glorified in your life daily?

Through my Strange Fruit devotional, I can help you live WELL by providing daily accountability to produce Kingdom fruit in your life.

Sign up for the 3-week free trial to see if you're up to the challenge!

  • Practice cultivating the Fruits of Wise Choices, Righteousness, Compassion, and 49 other types of Kingdom fruit all believers should be bearing

  • Explore books, songs, and movies to take your meditation on the Word of God and His presence deeper daily

  • Answer 6 daily calls to action, focusing on one fruit for 7 days straight, being a doer of the Word and not only a hearer

  • Join a community of like-minded believers


The Gift of Music

Discovering music appreciation in worship, language, & culture


Want to book me for a speaking engagement to help unlock keys to abundant Kingdom living?

Keynotes and small group workshops available 

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