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Rewire the Podcast

Join Cait Ross and Lindsay Mitchell to learn how rewiring your brain can help you heal your body, reach new heights of success, and unlock your infinite potential. We have inspiring conversations with entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the wellness & personal development communities

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12 MAY 2024    |     24 JUNE 2024

Mindset Mastery Moments Podcast Guest

In Part One of this episode, Dr. Alisa and Giji delve into the echoes of our past, exploring how our father-child relationships impact our interactions today.  With insightful commentary and thought-provoking questions, they guide us through this uncharted territory, shedding light on the often-unseen ways our early relationships shape our present realities.

Then Dr. Alisa and Giji delve deeper into the intricacies of personal development and self-discovery. In Part Two, they explore Giji's transformative book and workshop, "Hungry for Wholeness," and unravel the complexity of identity.

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19 APRIL 2024

4 Fit Fatherhood Podcast Guest

Giji makes history again as Rod's first female guest!

In this episode with Rod and Giji, key takeaways include: 

  • Growing up without a father figure can have a significant impact on a person's identity and sense of self.

  • Fatherhood means pouring into your children with faith, love, hope, affirmation, expectations, and joy.

  • Embracing God's father heart and mimicking it in our own fatherhood can have a profound impact on our children and relationships.

  • Healing from father wounds is essential for showing up as a whole father and having a positive impact on our children's lives.

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21 MARCH 2024

The Mindset & Self-Mastery Show Guest

Giji opens up with Nick about the discovery of her life’s thread, centering around the theme of wellness and the importance of aligning one’s activities with a core purpose. A significant part of her purpose involves helping individuals heal from trauma related to father wounds, highlighting the epidemic of fatherlessness.

We all have healing work to do, no matter how much we’ve done, and understanding how our parents play into that is very important to our healing journey.

Nick McGowan's Show.jpg

3 MARCH 2024

A Voice and Beyond Podcast Guest

Starting with describing the impacts of her own absent father experience, Giji shares the evolution of her calling to help others reconcile their Daddy issues with Dr. Marisa. They also explore how this healing affects the cultivation of one’s personal identity. Those seeking freedom can find help through Giji’s Hungry for Wholeness workshopbook, and companion diary.

13 FEBRUARY 2023

The Voice of Leadership Podcast Guest

Fathers affect how their sons and daughters show up at work and also how they relate to their own children. In today’s episode Giji shares her insights about Father-Child relationships from personal experience, research, and consulting work with sons and daughters. She invites fathers to conduct a “Benefit Analysis” and to experience the ROI from stepping up to Biblical Fatherhood. Dr. Karen and Giji talk about the role of fathers in identity development, unconditional acceptance, achievement, honor, and mentoring their children.

12 FEBRUARY 2024

The Transition Bridge Podcast Guest

When the father/child relationship is not healthy, or even non-existent, there is an emotional effect that leaves an imprint on the heart and soul of a child. In this episode -- the 7th stop on my Hungry for Wholeness Podcast Tour-- Giji shares with Debi:

  • Her personal story of meeting her father for the first time.

  • The emotional impact of not having a relationship with your Father

  • How unhealed emotions carry into our adult life.

  • How society is affected by the lack of the father/child relationship

12 FEBRUARY 2024

At this 6th stop on her Hungry for Wholeness Podcast Tour, Miranda Wendler and Giji transparently discuss God's Father heart. She and Miranda agree that God has deposited within her a gift and calling as a vessel to release the Father's Love over God's children everywhere I go. 

Just some take aways from their discussion for Miranda were:

  • His voice as our Father is SO important for our wholeness

  • The power of belief that kept her hope alive of being reunited with her Father 

  • Primary lack of trust is why people remain wounded


Fresh Start with Dr. David Podcast Guest

When the train pulled out from the 5th stop on the Hungry for Wholeness Podcast Tour, Dr. David and Giji discuss healing, trauma, and family (especially fatherly) relationships and dynamics. She shares the 3 R's of healing with the Fresh Start audience that she uses in her workshop. Giji describes how she employs the Recognize, Release, and Receive Method to help men and women, young and mature, to help them jumpstart their healing journey. Her unique three-step approach constitutes recognition of wounds, repentance and forgiveness, and receiving love, leading to emotional freedom. 

8 JANUARY 2024

The Journey of a Christian Dad Podcast Guest

At the 4th stop on her Hungry for Wholeness Podcast Tour, Dan and Giji talk about how to repair relationships with your parents, your kids or even have a mindset to prevent damaging in these relationships. Having not met her dad until she was 17, Giji had many unresolved issues from not growing up with him. Now she helps others develop great relationships by showing them the way to heal small and large relationship fractures. They also explore the dearth of manhood within churches and the interdependence of husbands loving their wives and wives respecting their husbands.


Giji also made history by being Dan's first female guest. 

28 DECEMBER 2023

Healing Starts With the Heart Podcast Guest

In Part One, Giji shares her father reunion story with Sharon and how they both navigated the grief of their 17-year separation. Sharon also explores with Giji how the absence or presence of a father shapes an individual’s life trajectory.


In Part Two, Giji and Sharon examine the unique role fathers play in identity formation. Giji discusses five types of fathers: absent, authoritarian, apathetic, abusive, and accusing. Toward the end Giji introduces her workshop, book, and companion diary as a jumpstart to healing, focusing on awareness and the path to recovery.

Healing Starts w- the Heart.png

19 DECEMBER 2023

Empath & The Narcissist Podcast Guest

Join Giji and Raven on the Empath and the Narcissist podcast as they unravel the profound journey of healing and explore the various trauma responses that arise in the face of familial challenges. Giji shares her story and how she overcame these obstacles to emerge stronger, more resilient, and capable of breaking the cycle and how you can too. Stay tuned for a compelling conversation!

10 OCTOBER 2023

Neurodiverse Love Podcast Guest

Giji and Mona hold a unique conversation discussing what the impact may have been on your relationship if you had a neurodivergent father, including how it may have affected your partner choices. After exploring how misunderstanding may have turned into anger and resentment, they talk about the importance of forgiveness in the healing process. Hope is revealed through our ability to transform our perspectives on misjudged neurodivergent parenting.


W.O.M.E.N. In Leadership Conference Tour Workshop Leader

Using the analogy of protein, vegetables, and starch as the primary components of a main course, Giji shared “A Leadership Culture Recipe” with conference participants identifying integrity, humility, and passion as the main ingredients. The small group activity allowed the attendees to discover for themselves how curating a leadership culture with those cornerstones can be achieved in any environment – corporate, community, or church.


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