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Hungry for Wholeness Book

A Call to Pursue Healing & Restoration In Your Father-Child Relationship

Are you struggling with resentment due to estrangement from your father? Are you a father in pain from a breach in a relationship with your child?

Through the Hungry for Wholeness book and workshop, I can help you be WELL by recognizing your need for God’s wisdom surrounding your father-child experience, releasing your resentments, and receiving healing through the inheritance of God as your Heavenly Father.

This book invites everyone who has had a fractured, broken, strained, or non-existent relationship with his or her father to embark on a journey to be WELL ... along a path of recognition, repentance, and receiving.


  • Learn practical ways men and women can bring closure to any fathering void they have experienced.

  • Gain understanding surrounding the role of the father-child relationship and how it connects us to the Fatherhood of God.

  • Sons, daughters, and fathers find real help and hope.


Strange Fruit Digital Devotional

Do you yearn for a life that demonstrates the power and promises of God? Are you determined to be an epistle read and known of all men so that God is glorified in your life daily?

Through my Strange Fruit devotional, I can help you live WELL by providing daily accountability to produce Kingdom fruit in your life.

Sign up for the 3-week free trial to see if you're up to the challenge

  • Practice cultivating the Fruits of Wise Choices, Righteousness, Compassion, and 49 other types of Kingdom fruit all believers should be bearing

  • Explore books, songs, and movies to take your meditation on the Word of God and His presence deeper daily

  • Answer 6 daily calls to action, focusing on one fruit for 7 days straight, being a doer of the Word and not only a hearer

  • Join a community of like-minded believers


The Service Culture Playbook:

Winning Strategies for Creating High-Performance Teams and Lifetime Customers


This book challenges all owners and managers within any service industry, and all instructors within schools of hospitality to take a cold-bloodedly honest look at their own service standards and practices and make course corrections as needed so they can play to win!


  • Learn about the core deliverables at the heart of Service Excellence

  • Discover the five (5) basic plays that every leader needs to run daily within any service organization

  • Hear true story examples of what does and does not constitute excellence in service.

  • Discover the magic of building a service culture within your business.


Other Books Published by WELL fed Resources

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