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Courses & Workshops

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Hungry for Wholeness Workshops

If your home group, congregation, book club, discipleship team, or other group have read the book or attended a conference where I’ve shared the message of Hungry for Wholeness and are ready to take the next steps to your healing, this workshop is for you.


  • Recognize your need for God’s wisdom and understanding around your father experience.

  • Repent for any unforgiveness and release any resentments.

  • Receive your inheritance of God as your Heavenly Father.


Service Excellence Lunch & Learns

In addition to tried and true sessions on Mastering the ART of Service and Custom-erizing Your Staff Training, I can create custom lunch & learns for your team development needs.


  • Learn about the core deliverables at the heart of Service Excellence

  • Discover the five (5) basic plays that every leader needs to run daily within any service organization

  • Hear true story examples of what does and does not constitute excellence in service

  • Discover the magic of building a service culture within your business.

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Leadership Culture Training

A business with a leadership-focused company culture is poised to unleash greatness in society. There are myriad paths to explore leadership; here are just a few:


  • How different management styles impact leadership development

  • Common attributes and habits among all great leaders

  • Ways of measuring leadership effectiveness

  • Lessons from leaders who've impacted their communities and society, at large


Your Divine Design Workshops

A collection of workshops offering your team or small group an opportunity to maximize their engagement with the world around them so that they can live WELL!

  • Understand the God-given gifts which motivate you and drive your passions as well as your temperament profile.

  • Discover strengths you can optimize and the keys to overcoming your less-desirable traits, including your Clifton’s Strengthsfinder results.

  • Create a gift shield, mission statement, and/or vision statement to ensure that your efforts align with your divine design.

  • Discover your love language and that of your partner, sibling, parent or friend so you can get the most out of your relationship, based on the Love Languages series by Gary Chapman.

  • For businesses, learn best how to empower your team members with encouragement by discovering their preferred language of appreciation.


Culinary Couture Online Course

Do you love hosting dinner parties, but never know how to create phenomenal custom cuisine?

Through my Culinary Couture online Master Class, I can help you eat WELL by teaching you how to develop phenomenal custom cuisine for the most discriminating palette and strictest dietary regimes.

Take this Master Class on nourishing the body and soul by making unforgettable memories producing amazing healthy food fare:

  • Discover the art of flavor-profile cooking across 12 sets of core regional ingredients.

  • Learn how to make any meal fit into your dietary restrictions – AIP, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, pescatarian, and kosher-compliant, to name a few.

  • Develop creative genius in the kitchen you never thought imaginable!



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